Waste Management Services

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Leading regional provider of comprehensive waste management services.

By 2018, Kom-Eko had developed into a sizeable player in waste management services in the Lublin area, focused on collection, sorting and landfilling. It was owned by a private equity fund that was seeking to exit and led by a team of managers who saw substantial future growth for the business and were committed to helping achieve it.

V4C, along with an LP and third party co-investors, acquired the company and put in place a sizeable incentive plan for the managers, aligning them to our goal of expanding capacity, diversifying activities and increasing the portion of recycling in the business mix before an exit in 3-5 years. The company achieved this plan, helped by a capital increase from investors to acquire another regional company. A further acquisition was financed by cash flow.

V4C and its co-investors exited the company to another private equity firm in 2022. The management team rolled over a portion of their proceeds into the new transaction and continue to lead Kom-Eko on the growth path under its new owners.