and experience

Modern building

Our team has been investing in central europe for over 30 years.

We are focused on working with founders, owners and managers to unlock the potential of their companies. Once invested, our experience enables us to work closely with our portfolio companies, guiding them to become bigger and better market leaders. Our team has helped companies expand their operations and capacities, build and reinforce management teams, launch new products, make acquisitions and set the strategy and tactics to gain leadership.

We accomplish this by:

  • Financing buyouts: Providing owners full or partial liquidity.
  • Injecting capital: Offering funding for liquidity, acquisitions and expansion.
  • Developing human and organisational capital: Building strong management teams and infrastructure to support future growth.
  • Accelerating growth and acquisitions: Implementing growth programs and maximising post-acquisition opportunities.
  •  Improving operational efficiency: Enhancing efficiency and margins through expert advice and change leadership.

The team’s complimentary backgrounds and networks ensure broad access to deals and opportunities in Poland, Romania and other selected CEE markets.

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