MedLife targets EUR 100 mln turnover

MedLife, one of the leading private healthcare operators in Romania, ended 2014 with a total turnover of EUR 80 million and an EBITDA profit of EUR 13 million, up 25% year-on-year. The results are in line with initial estimations and above the market’s growth rate of 7-8%, the company announced. MedLife increased the numer of surgeries and births while the numer of subscribers went up to 330,000. It is also registered growth in the numer of paying customers (fee for service), reaching 4.3 million unique clients. For this year, MedLife targets an organic growth of 16% to EUR 96 million, and of over 25% to EUR 100 million including new acquisitions. It also plans to increase the operating profit by 31% this year, to Eur 17 mln.

Source: Romania-Insider.com