MedLife opens its second clinic in Timisoara

Romanian private healthcare operator MedLife has opened its second large clinic in Timisoara, in western Romania. The new unit is the largest private clinic in the city and offers 26 medical specialties. The unit offers imaging and laboratory services as well as non-hospital treatment. Starting next year it will also provide day hospitalization. The company has invested EUR 1 million in the new clinic, seven years after opening the first unit in Timisoara. During this period, MedLife has had more than 670,000 customers in Timisoara. In October, the operator opened the largest clinic in Cluj-Napoca, north-western Romania, following an investment of EUR 800,000. MedLife is the biggest private healthcare operator in Romania. The group estimates it will reach a turnover of over EUR 100 million this year. Source: Hotnews.ro